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We visit your school

We offer a small ‘mobile farm experience’ as an alternative farm visit to schools.  A chance to see, touch and learn first hand about animals in structured encounter sessions, suitable for all ages and abilities.


Children are amazed as they come face to face with a farm animal in the security of their own school surroundings!  Each visit is tailor-made to suit individual class needs and can incorporate different activities to support and bring to life areas of the school curriculum, so if there is a specific theme you would like your visiting farmer to cover, please let us know. 


With the administration involved in school visits, our visiting animals provide a great option to bring your topic to life in the comfort of your own classroom or playground.

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Supporting Wellbeing

Studies have shown that the animal-human connection is powerful in reducing stress and in generating a sense of wellbeing. You may want to include a visit from our farm animals for therapeutic purposes during your transition period settling students back into the school routine after Lockdown. 


Why not set up a corner of your playground to help stimulate and engage children whilst promoting mental wellbeing? Our animals like being talked to, read to, taken for a walk and stroked and cuddled!

Choose your visitors 


Xemplar our Ryeland Ram

Pygmy Goat
IMG_4362 3.JPG
IMG_1333 5.JPG


Growing lambs (from March 2020)
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