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List of Popular Activities at Southfields Farm
- those with an asterix are normally for March to October

General Primary Visit

Paddock visit, activities suitable for small groups


Tractor trailer ride 

Meet the sheep

Feel the seeds

Inspect the crops

Explore soils

Pond dipping *

Minibug hunting *

Tree survey

Riverside activity

Scavenger hunt

Sound cards

Birding (bird watching)

Hedge row survey


Discover Animal feeds  

Hand feed goats

Pickup the hens

Pet the animals

Groom the donkeys

Walk the animals

Identify animal groups

Weighing animals

Photo with an animal


Plant bulbs, seeds

Prepare a seedbed *


Rural crafts, yard and classroom activities


Green woodworking

Making medallions

Seed pictures

Woolly art & craft

Maths ideas

Garden in a tray

Hatching eggs

Mud painting

Making flour

Fruit pressing


Wild Flower Meadow 




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