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Please notice the permissive paths (marked by purple dots) which have been created to allow a circular walk around the farm. However, they may be occasionally closed for sheep grazing, so check the website or the Southfields Farm facebook page for latest news.

The river meadows were part of an Open Access scheme overseen by Natural England during the years 2005 -2014. So at present there is no public access, but when the farm has an open day, the meadows are opened up.

This sign at the entrance to the farm drive clearly shows the routes of the public footpaths. You are very welcome to enjoy the walks but there is no parking available at the farm, and dogs must remain on a lead.

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Coleshill Circular Walk.jpg

Some of the paths through the farm are part of the ‘Coleshill Circular Walk’, shown here on the left. Click on the map to open up the Tame Valley Wetlands website and you can read a description of the walk. Or click on the image below   and  download the map.


The farm is part of the Wingfield Digby Estate which also includes other farms and property in Coleshill.

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