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Farmer John's welcome to Southfields Farm

Farmer John

Farming is a way of life.  It is a privilege to work with living and growing plants and animals, and a responsibility to both feed the nation and also to care for God’s amazing creation. 

Here at Southfields Farm we aim to do both, as each successive generation seeks to leave the land in a better state for the next, and the Plumb family have rented this farm since 1938. 

Soil health is paramount, as we continue to discover more about the incredible complexity of soil biology.  There is considerably more life below the surface than above, an ecosystem to be enhanced to the benefit of all that is above ground level.

Alongside environmental stewardship we run educational visits.  It is a joy to see children experiencing the countryside up close, discovering life and making the connection between that life and theirs.  Agriculture speaks into every part of the school curriculum and every key stage.


Above all we are led by faith and inspired by our hope in Jesus Christ.  The Bible teaches us how to live and love, how to be a community, how to run a business – we plant ‘but God makes it grow’ (1Corinthians 3:6).

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